Let your Tatt do the talking!  

Let your Tatt do the talking! 

This summer, Hello bank! was coming to two major festivals and wanted to enter with a bang. Their mission? To spark a conversation amongst their audience with Talking Tatts, scannable tattoos with double the meaning at less than double the pain.The tattoos consisted of an awesome Musketon design and a QR-code, leading to a hilarious pick-upline, random joke or funny message. And the best thing? You could edit your tatt at any moment!

After having your tattoo placed at the Hello bank!-parlour, your next step was to get out there and get scanning. Your friends, hot chicks or total strangers… with almost 25.000 Talking Tatts distributed, the campaign proved to be a big hit amongst the festival crowd.

Side note: we have not yet heard of any Talking Tatt-induced engagements or pregnancies. On the other hand, it’s still pretty early. So it might still happen.