Herleven, Leuven na 1918

HERLEVEN, Leuven na 1918

HERLEVEN, Leuven na 1918. An exhibition about the reconstruction of Louvain after the First World War. Answering these two questions: "How did the inhabitants of Louvain rebuild their city after World War I?" and "How did they rebuild their lives?".

We were the creative partner of the city council of Louvain for this exhibition. Together with Uncompressed we developed the brand identity for the exhibition.


Stad Leuven - May, 2018
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Daan Alpha Play

Hyper Curated Playlists

Alpha Play is a streaming platform for classical music. Unlike Spotify, they don’t rely on algorithms to create their playlist. Alpha Play works with experienced and renowned musicologists to handpick the music. Their playlists are curated by humans, not by algorithms.

With ‘Hyper Curated Playlists’, we created a PR-story and digital campaign to launch Alpha Play to a broad audience. Conductor Philippe Herreweghe and popsinger Daan each curated their own playlists from a very personal point of view.


Alpha Play - May, 2018
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Torfs - Life's biggest moments

Life's biggest moments

Nailing the job interview you were nervous about. Finally agreeing to the blind date your best friend has been trying to set you up for. Getting married to the love of your life. Watching your baby take his first steps. Life has a lot of milestone moments in store for you. And with Torfs shoes, you are ready to conquer them all. 

In our second TV campaign for Torfs we demonstrate that Torfs is your shoe-partner during life’s biggest ànd smallest moments.  

Torfs - March, 2018
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Kinepolis - 20th birthday

20th birthday

2017 marks the 20th anniversary of Kinepolis Belgium. That’s twenty years of intense movie magic, innovative cinematic experiences and a lot of promo materials. We’d like to believe that all those 3D superheroes and cardboard blockbuster protagonists are still out there somewhere. So we took a trip down memory lane, cinema-style.

Kinepolis - December, 2017
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Kinepolis - Movie gift box

Movie gift box

Ploughing trough the masses in the freezing cold, spending most of your Christmas budget on expensive parking fees only to discover the look of pure disappointment when your loved one opens the gift you’ve been struggling so hard for? Think again. There’s only one perfect gift to rule them all.


Kinepolis - December, 2017
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Torfs - New start

New start

We live for love, for friendship, for family. We live for both mind-boggling and banal moments. And for every single one of them, there’s a pair of shoes from Torfs. 

That’s the message in the first ever campaign for Torfs, biggest family-run shoe brand in Belgium.



Torfs - August, 2017
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MNM - Season Launch

Season launch

For the start of the new season, MNM wanted to rekindle bonds with their community. They launched an inspiring manifesto directed at their younger audience. This snappy video with an authentic internet aesthetic is a motivational reminder that family means friendship, and friendship is just like family.

MNM - August, 2017
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MNM - Marathonradio 2017

Marathonradio '17

Finals. It’s a tough but essential part of being a student. This year, three MNM-DJ’s supported stressed, fatigued and demotivated students from the epicenter of one of the biggest student cities in Belgium, Leuven. They hosted a round the clock live show during finals week in which they tackling every obstacle that makes a student’s life worse, proving once again how MNM is always by your side. 

MNM - August, 2017
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De Strafste School 2017

De strafste school '17

In this years De strafste school (‘The coolest school’), contestants had to explore and push their limits. If they convinced the jury that their school took their boundaries to another level, they could win a MNM party hosted on their playground.

MNM - August, 2017
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Kinepolis - Beleef film intenser

Beleef film intenser

When you watch a movie in a Kinepolis theatre, it becomes an intense cinematic experience. The same goes for our radio commercials. Presenting: the most intense voice over ever. 

Kinepolis - December, 2016
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