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1 year 3 months ago

Lore is #ontopofthings

Lore Debulpaep returns to her hometown, Leuven, where she started her career in 2009. After working for Boondoggle, (afterworking) in Cape Town and back to working for Famous Grey, she has come home to Make Lemonade. Her no nonsense approach, DIY attitude and her solid organisational skills will make her Make Lemonade’s leading lady. Welcome! 

(She’s also got us totally addicted to playing Switch. Very productive.)

1 year 3 months ago

The new voice of Make Lemonade

Lotte Van Heddegem is joining us and we couldn’t be more excited! During an already promising internship, she turned chairs with her skills as a Digital Project Manager. In the following months, she’s made a jump into the deep end and juggled different clients during her stay over the summer. She wears her heart on her sleeve and has proven to be an indispensable asset to our team. We’ve definitely hit a golden buzzer with this one.

Also, there’s one more thing you should know about Lotte. She sings. All the time. 

1 year 3 months ago

Cato joins Youngdogs Belgium (although she’s more of a cat person)

Time to shake a little booty and pop some fancy sparkling stuff cause our queen of memes Cato Decoster danced herself nice and smoothly in the new committee of Youngdogs Belgium.


Cyber violation

The Belgian White Ribbon Representative asked us to make people aware that (sexual) harassment online is just as inappropriate as in real life. And because everyday thousands of people are a victim of these criminalities, we decided to make a victim with a huge impact on Belgian people because of her amount of reach. The result was exactly the reason why this campaign was needed… 

Belgian White Ribbon Representative - July, 2018
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Herleven, Leuven na 1918

HERLEVEN, Leuven na 1918

HERLEVEN, Leuven na 1918. An exhibition about the reconstruction of Louvain after the First World War. Answering these two questions: "How did the inhabitants of Louvain rebuild their city after World War I?" and "How did they rebuild their lives?".

We were the creative partner of the city council of Louvain for this exhibition. Together with Uncompressed we developed the brand identity for the exhibition.


Stad Leuven - May, 2018
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Daan Alpha Play

Hyper Curated Playlists

Alpha Play is a streaming platform for classical music. Unlike Spotify, they don’t rely on algorithms to create their playlist. Alpha Play works with experienced and renowned musicologists to handpick the music. Their playlists are curated by humans, not by algorithms.

With ‘Hyper Curated Playlists’, we created a PR-story and digital campaign to launch Alpha Play to a broad audience. Conductor Philippe Herreweghe and popsinger Daan each curated their own playlists from a very personal point of view.


Alpha Play - May, 2018
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