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2 years 2 months ago

Let your Tatt do the talking! 

This summer, Hello bank! was coming to two major festivals and wanted to enter with a bang. Their mission? To spark a conversation amongst their audience with Talking Tatts, scannable tattoos with double the meaning at less than double the pain.The tattoos consisted of an awesome Musketon design and a QR-code, leading to a hilarious pick-upline, random joke or funny message. And the best thing? You could edit your tatt at any moment!

After having your tattoo placed at the Hello bank!-parlour, your next step was to get out there and get scanning. Your friends, hot chicks or total strangers… with almost 25.000 Talking Tatts distributed, the campaign proved to be a big hit amongst the festival crowd.

Side note: we have not yet heard of any Talking Tatt-induced engagements or pregnancies. On the other hand, it’s still pretty early. So it might still happen. 




2 years 3 months ago

A new client keeping us on our toes

Time to put on our dancing shoes! Torfs, the biggest family-run shoe brand in the country, confided in us for their first ever tv-commercial and nationwide campaign. Needless to say: we definitely got an extra spring in our step!

The campaign will launch in September.

Bronze für WÜRST!
2 years 11 months ago

Bronze für WÜRST!

Having great neighbours pays off. Together with our downstairs friends from Uncompressed, we developed the full brand identity and social content strategy for WÜRST, a haute dog restaurant chain by Jeroen Meus.

Today, we’re very happy to report that the fruit of our collaboration was celebrated with a Bronze Epica Award in the branding category. All the more proof that teamwork is the best work. 


Cyber violation

The Belgian White Ribbon Representative asked us to make people aware that (sexual) harassment online is just as inappropriate as in real life. And because everyday thousands of people are a victim of these criminalities, we decided to make a victim with a huge impact on Belgian people because of her amount of reach. The result was exactly the reason why this campaign was needed… 

Belgian White Ribbon Representative - July, 2018
view case
Herleven, Leuven na 1918

HERLEVEN, Leuven na 1918

HERLEVEN, Leuven na 1918. An exhibition about the reconstruction of Louvain after the First World War. Answering these two questions: "How did the inhabitants of Louvain rebuild their city after World War I?" and "How did they rebuild their lives?".

We were the creative partner of the city council of Louvain for this exhibition. Together with Uncompressed we developed the brand identity for the exhibition.


Stad Leuven - May, 2018
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Daan Alpha Play

Hyper Curated Playlists

Alpha Play is a streaming platform for classical music. Unlike Spotify, they don’t rely on algorithms to create their playlist. Alpha Play works with experienced and renowned musicologists to handpick the music. Their playlists are curated by humans, not by algorithms.

With ‘Hyper Curated Playlists’, we created a PR-story and digital campaign to launch Alpha Play to a broad audience. Conductor Philippe Herreweghe and popsinger Daan each curated their own playlists from a very personal point of view.


Alpha Play - May, 2018
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